BibTag Timing


BibTag is the latest timing system for mass participation events. No detail has gone overlooked with this pioneering one tag timing solution. The low profile rubber mats ensure low profile to road surface eliminating any risk of tripping.

BibTag requires only one timing tag which is stuck to the reverse of the participants bib number, the system boasts an unrivalled 99.98% read rate. Only having one tag is extremely beneficial during the administration process for any race.

If you want this technology at your event then please feel free to call 01782 388891.

Classic System

Our ‘Classic’ timing kit has proved (over time) to be the most reliable low frequency timing solution on the market. This timing kit will still read ankle or shoe lace tags that are a foot under mud.

Ideal for triathlons, mud runs, obstacle courses, cross-countries or as a safety system. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to find out more about using this timing system for your event, please call 01782 388891.