Event Administration

Event administration can be a laborious task, entering data and dealing with queries can suddenly increase your workload fourfold. That is why at FR Systems we offer full administration services, easing the pressure and workload off you, the organiser is just another reason as to why you should use us for your event.

Administration Services

FR Systems offer the perfect admin services to compliment your event. Our team of friendly, experienced staff will take care of all queries from your entrants.

By taking on our admin services, you have access to the following:

– A dedicated telephone hotline to deal with customer queries before and 8 weeks after the event.
– A PO Box number will be allocated to deal with postal entries.
– A dedicated email address for queries.
– Data inputting to the master database.
– Email confirmation for successful entries.
– Data inputting to the master database.
– Receiving postal entries, processing the data and confirming the entry process.
– Banking monies into your account and pursuing any uncleared payments
– Providing audit reports for all entries and banking transactions
– Providing entry figures on a regular basis

Letting us take the responsibility of event administration allows you to focus on your event whilst we ensure that your entrants are 100% happy.